Ordering and Payment

All prices are in Australian Dollars.  For conversion to other currencies visit XE currency converter

Payment may be made by direct bank deposit, cheque (but you will have to wait until it is cleared) or paypal. For overseas customers, paypal is the preferred method.

Price list

Description Price
Tail wheel assembly complete (Nylon Tail wheel + castor + pivot) $285.00
Tail wheel assembly complete (6061 Tail wheel + castor + pivot) $295.00
Tail wheel Nylon/Al with 6 x 1.25 tyre $175.00
Tail wheel 6061 Al with 6 x 1.25 tyre $185.00
Tail wheel castor $70.00
Tail wheel pivot fitting $70.00
Tail spring mount $125.00
Steering strut $70.00
Tail wheel castor to suit Vans tailwheel $70.00
Air vent assembly Left or Right $65.00
Adjustable flap stop – machined nylon $20.00
Adjustable flap stop – printed PLA with nylon screw $15.00
Fuel vent check valve $15.00
Fuel vent assembly (valve + AN818-4D + formed and flared tube) $30.00
Fuel vent check valve -1/8 NPT to 1/4 hose barb $20.00
Fuel cap Al – with or without lock nut $75.00
Fuel cap Al/Nylon – with or without lock nut $70.00
Quick lift jack $80.00
Clamp-on jack hard point + 2 hose clamps $30.00

To purchase any part, email your order to:



specifying your preferred methods of payment and shipping plus your postal address.  Unless specified, shipping will be by Australia Post.

I will email an invoice with bank details (for direct deposit) or a Paypal invoice if you choose that option.

Purchases will normally be sent within 24 hours of receipt of payment for goods in stock.  For items not in stock, the expected delivery time will be advised.  No invoice will be issued for items not in stock.

Note that payment by cheque will be subject to a 3 to 5 day delay before clearance.