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-but probably only if you are a mechanical geek.

Over the years I have designed quite a lot of different things with varying degrees of success.  I’ll eventually get around to putting in some links to pages about things that I think may be of interest to other mechanical geeks.

KlingonThe Klingon




HOW 0001 photoview 2HOWSAT – Hornet Outer Wing StAtic Test




SiblingsThe FINAL Test




Fatigue of Metal Aircraft

How strong is a Sonex?

Stress at 1g

The answer is, pretty strong, but not as strong as you might think.  Those massive wing spars do have a weak point.  In the linked article I make the argument that overloading the Sonex (or any aircraft really) will reduce its fatigue life.  What is the fatigue life of a Sonex?  I have absolutely no idea, but it isn’t infinite and increasing the AUW of a Sonex by 100 pounds will more than halve the fatigue life.

VM4GStrength of rod-ends




ThermocoupleEconomical temperature sensing

Here’s something that isn’t mechanical at all,  but you can’t be pure all the time.

Sonex Strength

My Sonex has experienced loads of up to 6.9g.  Follow the above link to a copy of a post I put on the Sonex Builder’s forum.

Dynamic Propeller Balancing

Follow the above link to an article on the Sonex Australia site about dynamic prop balancing.

Motorcycle Madness

OK, nothing to do with aircraft, but quite a few people who fly also ride motorbikes so they might enjoy my potted history of my racing experience.